28 October 2007

Shaving Cream technique

Demo training was fun & rather noisy - I think a few were hyperactive with lack of sleep being up all night creating goodies to swap. Some of the ideas were stupendous.

As well as a general chat we learnt a new technique with shaving cream. It was so easy - to a small pile of shaving cream; we added a few drops of re-inkers & then swirled a piece of cardstock through it & excess cream was wiped off (could even be on a 2nd piece of card). Some spectacular patterns were created. I've just stamped my piece up with the Both Way Blossoms set (which is a hostess gift) - I think it looks rather pretty & original!


stamphappynz said...

Gorgeous, Karen. Love that you went home and did something with that right away! You're awesome!!

Judy said...

Thanks Karen for sharing this technique which I will try out soon. Looks great.