4 June 2010

Day 1 convention

Day 1 is always an exciting day as you don't know what the bags, stamps or anything that you're going to get actually look like - yes our idea of Christmas.

Us kiwis wanted to be registered & swapping early so we were in the food hall at 6.45am & swapping our cards and eating.

Then the convention centre & about an hour of swapping amongst  the 500 ladies present (& I saw one male demo).

Then shopping in Memento Mall - look at this really cute Circle Circus bag & look how many cards I have to share with you all.

Our favourite presenter of the day Bonnie Thurber from the home office who has laryngitis & whispered her whole presentation but she made us laugh - what a neat lady with a huge heart.

Our 2nd favourite presenter of the day Shannon West with the whole of the WOW paperKRafters (L->R: Judy, Donna, Shannon, Debbie, Sally)

This is Donna from my team winning the first prize patrol - yep she got a free stamp set - followed by Sally & myself the next draw :-) Yes happiness more free stamps!

and her saying cheese with Emma Parkin-Wilson (NZ Country manager)

But Judy & me can beat her - we found the incredibly lovely Shelli Gardener (CEO & co-founder of Stampin' Up!).

The day concluded with a fireworks display in Darling Harbour - yes a very magical day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen *waves*. It was a real pleasure meeting you at convention - hope we can do it again next year! Just wanted to pop in and say thanks so much for swapping with me. I loved your swap sooo much that I have featured it on my blog today - I hope you don't mind ;) Talk soon x