27 September 2008

Update on my mum

Firstly thanks everyone for your kind wishes lately. This is a picture of my mum Noleen (& me) a few months ago - unfortunately not looking so chirpy anymore but one can hope but the hospital are running out of options. Her recent visit (she's still there) wasn't pneumonia but basically lung failure. She's on a proper oxygen mask which makes reading impossible as the steam fogs up her glasses & she can't do her puzzles (which she loves) so understandably she's not feeling a box of birds. It's the weekend now so she'll have a few more visitors which should make her happier. I'm off to make her some chocolate muffins now as she has a sweet tooth!


Pia said...

I just joined the SBS group with you. I hope your Mom is feeling better. Just being in the hospital is so boring, it must be hard without reading or puzzles! Your blog is great, keep us posted on your mother.

Deby said...

I just joined SBS #25 so I'm now part of your group! Yippee! But I wanted you to know I'll be praying for your mom...and you, her loving caretaker! xoxo

Sharon said...

Hi Karen,
You've been tagged! Check out my blog for details.

Debby said...

You both have the same beautiful smile. Did you notice that? Good for her sweet tooth. Chocolate always makes a girl feel good. Have a great weekend.

Judy said...

Karen - As always I am thinking of your Mum and wishing her the best. Also thinking of you too. xxx

Rachael said...

Thanks for the update on your Mum, Karen. I hope she's feeling better after she has one of your yummy muffins! If she loves books but can't read right now, maybe you could borrow some of those talking books from the library so she doesn't get so bored? Keep your chin up. We're all thinking of you both.