3 December 2008

I've been tagged

by Sharon from Lemon Delicious & her blog is certainly that DELICIOUS - do check it out if you haven't already.

So 7 useless trivial facts about me! I've already done this once before - check out the first lot of 7 HERE.
  1. I love cats - mum to Napoleon & Tiger
  2. I'm an Arian female born in the year of the pig - this means I'm a borne leader who likes to eat
  3. I really like forensic thrillers as my favourite novel to read - Jeffrey Deaver is my favourite author
  4. My favourite colour is green
  5. My lucky number is no. 4
  6. I started work at 16 & I'm still there 33 years later - yeah you can work out the maths
  7. My biggest regret in life is never having travelled only small trips overseas mainly to Australia


Rachael Knight said...

Hey Karen, I didn't twig that you and I have the same Chinese star sign! I'm a pig too (can't you tell by the way I eat he he!). Thanks for sharing!

diane said...

hey Karen you are cool Im a sagitarian ox how unflattering is that anyway we all love you