5 January 2009

For my overseas readers

This is just to show how beautiful & deserted the West Coast beaches off New Zealand can be - not that you'd find me swimming here. This is the Ocean Beach at Raglan which is world famous for it's surfing as it has an unusual break (left to right as opposed to the norm right to left).

We went out for the afternoon on New Year's day to get some fresh air as so muggy in town.

Yes it's summertime down under ~25oC but always very muggy - semi-tropical at this time of the year.

PS good to see my camera can take real pictures still!


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is just beautiful, Karen! Thanks for sharing the photo.


Anne said...

Beautiful scene Karen :)
Novice stamper? You??? Tcah! Disbelieving noises from the UK LOL!

This link shows the folders I use, they are Cuttlebug and I use them in my Big Shot http://www.exquisitecrafts.co.uk/catalog/cuttlebug-cuttlebug-embossing-c-52_55.html

Debby said...

Goodness this is beautiful! Is it summertime there for you?

Stamping Seasons said...

I used to work in the racing industry and we used to gallop the horses along that beach as a treat from normal track work... lovely to play around in the water with them. Brings back great memories