16 March 2009

Way Out West for sure

Spent a really enjoyable but different weekend holding a stall at the Kumeu Annual A+P show with the members of my team WOW paperKRafters plus Yvonne from our big team. We meet some neat people, gawked at giant pumpkins, ate whitebait fritters (YUM), bought chutneys & a few knick knacks, chased cards in the wind & hid in the middle of the gazebo as it rained but we all enjoyed it (though I hated the early starts as I am not a morning person). The show opened at 8.30 am & we had to be in, put up the gazebo & set out the tables, displays etc. before opening time both days.

Any one who stopped by our stand thanks for poppin' in & I'm sure it was as much fun for you as us. The winner of our basket was Linda B from Kumeu (Sally will be in touch with you).

The make n' takes:

The pumpkins!!!!

Saturday's team (Debbie and Sally and me hiding behind the camera):

Debbie in action:

Sunday's team (Clare and Yvonne and yep me behind the camera again :-) )


StampingSeasons said...

You chicken!!! Come on girls.. nick that camera off her and take a mug shot for us!!!!

Debby said...

Looks like a fun time. I also turn the camera on myself and take a pic so folks know I as there too :-) Love the paint can . Too cute. I've always wanted to do one. Guess I should.

Deby said...

My spot is behind the camera too! Looks like you had some big fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen! Looks like you had a great time! Great photos, thanks for sharing! :)
Hugs, Vanja