3 May 2010

Blushing me here

I've been nominated for 2 blogging awards in under 24 hours - wow what an honour (& I've been a bad blogger & hopper lately - but my FB Farm looks great!). But seriously I am deeply touched that I have inspired 2 of you,  please do visit their blogs & my nominees & leave a comment - we all love comments, probably more so than awards. So thanks Deb & Leonie have a great day & keep on inspiring me!

The first one is from Debi Ryan who is new to blogging but a seriously talented crafter & she has honoured me with The Sunshine Award.

The "rules" for the award are:
1. Put the Sunshine Award on your blog and/or within your post.
2. Pass the Award to other bloggers.
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they have received this award by leaving a comment on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you recived the award.

This was an easy award to pass on and I'll nominate my very talented downline who inspire me every day in so many ways:
Debbie Lamb
Sally Williams   
Judy Beetson
Do drop in & say hi to them and make their day.

The second award knocked me down & was from the very lovely Leonie Shroeder who is an Australian demo & the driving force behind ESAD which is an amazing forum & resource for us down-under SU! demos. This award is the Beautiful Blog Award.

Now I must pass the award on to another 10 Beautiful Blogs AND tell you 10 things about myself.  So without further to do and in no particular order, here are the 10 Beautiful Blogs of 10 beautiful people!

Anna Sutherland
Helen Williams
Sarah Gough
Debi Ryan
Jacque Pedersen (my incredibly talented upline)
Paula Dobson
Sam Post
Diane Barnes
Debbie Airey
Kirsty Brown

That was hard I've just kept it to down under but even then there are so many more of you that inspire me to KReate & blog as I so enjoy seeing what you've shared I want to join in to.

Now even harder 10 things about me
  1. I'm a mad scientist in the day & grow fungi for a living
  2. I'm an even madder SU! demonstrator after hours
  3. I love killing dragons & tending my farm on FB (if you don't know what I'm talking about - take it from me you don't want to know)
  4. I'm the current administrator for NZSU blogs
  5. I'm the manager of the WOW paperKRafters & my downline rocks!
  6. Never married or had children but am very lucky to have a special man in my life - even if he is a 2 hour drive away (told you I was mad!)
  7. Love cats, tolerate dogs (just) - my gruesome twosome are Napoleon & Tiger - hand reared orphans from the Lonely Miaow Society - I can highly recommend them
  8. I love to read especially who dunnits, thrillers, unsurprisingly my favourite TV shows at the moment are Bones, CSI and Criminal Minds. Though I was enjoying MasterChef (as Tracey from our lab was one of the semi-finalists)
  9. Yes I love to cook too
  10. See no 8 - that's 2 things ;-)
Thanks again Debi & Leonie for the honour.


Diane Barnes said...

Hi Karen
Thank you so very very much for the blog award. You’re very kind. Thanks also for all the inspiration you share through this blog & the NZSU one too. Looking forward to seeing you in about 17 days! Hugs, Di

Paula said...

Thank you so much Karen, for giving me this award. Like you, this is the second in as many days! I am thrilled to bits to know that I inspire others in this incredible business. Will put this on my blog with pride.

Helen Williams said...

Thanks Karen. Your blog is very inspiring.

Judy said...

Thanks so much for the award Karen. You have set me a hard job of who to pass it on to! You certainly deserved to win both awards - you're an awesome person.

Helen Williams said...

Hi Karen, Thanks for Beautiful Blogger Award, your work is such an inspiration to me. I'm awarding you with the Sunshine Award. Please check out my blog to pick it up. Thanks for all your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

ooh I like watching those programs too and thought Tracey should have been in the final.

Debbie Airey said...

Hi Karen, thanks so much for the blogging award. I want to give you one back as your work is so inspiring. Please pick it up from: http://debbiesstampingcorner.blogspot.com/2010/05/blogging-awards.html