29 May 2010

Cool tip for using sponges

Stampin' Up! sponges are the softest sponge I've worked with and at $7.75 for 3 they're a very inexpensive accessory - also each sponge can be cut into 4-6 pieces (I prefer 4).

I thought I'd share this cool tip that was shared to me by Patrice (I think) at Convention that in a class setting attach a coloured card stock tab  to the sponge with a staple (& our round tab punch is perfect for creating the tab).

This gives you something to hold onto, keeping your fingers clean & you don't put the wrong coloured sponge into the wrong ink pad - disaster when a dark colour goes into a lighter coloured ink.

Thanks Patrice for sharing it was a very cool tip.

1 comment:

sharna said...

more on the tabs for your sponges, if you use the corresponding colour C/S for the ink you have used you will always know what colour is on your sponge without the need to do a dab teat