8 September 2010

Vintage Wallpaper?

I'm so hoping a nice courier man visits me tomorrow with my new stamps, colours, ribbons, DSP & embossing folders. I'm wishing I'd pre-ordered as the wait is killing me :)

So whilst I wait I thought I'd share 2 gorgeous swaps I got from my team mates showing you the depth of the emboss in one of our latest folders - it's amazing.

Firstly from Julia Leece - who has made hers darker. Julia's is sealed inside a cello bag that was impossible to open in case you're wondering why it's so shiny.

and then Jacque Pedersen - who has made her's lighter. Amazing the same concept but so different!

But you have to agree with me what stunning elegant cards the embossing folder creates & you too can own one for the mere sum of  $19.95. It is an exclusive design & can only be purchased through a demonstrator.

1 comment:

Julia said...

really? was it the killer of all cello bags?? lol