8 August 2012

DIY Light Box for night time photography & a sneak peek

This post is for the bloggers amongst us or anyone that sells stuff online. I've been hating the very small opportunity to take a photo with our shortened or non-existent daylight hours.

Doing a bit of reading I found we should be using a light box with daylight bulbs, doing more reading it seems like the blue ones are best & if you live in NZ I found 2 places that do sell them The LightBulb man in Penrose and the Lamp Specialist in Lower Hutt, both do mail order but for the moment I have 24V Phillip Cool Daylight spiral filament bulbs in my $8 lamps from the Warehouse (reduced from $12 - yes got to love a bargain) & Stampin' Up! provided the big cardboard box. If you want to make your own this was a good link on how-to make your own box.

With the lights off :

And a wee sneak peek of our new ink-pads - which are firmer & juicer & perfect for solid images, & believe it or not they are cheaper.

I will have an Cherry Cobbler old & new ink-pad at my open homes for the catalogue launch for you to see the difference for yourself. Below we have the new ink pad on the left. Normally I would tap my solid stamp & twist & re-tap a few times but for this wee "trial" I just inked up & stamped to show the difference.

Happy stampin' & photographin' to you all!


Heather Stewart said...

That's such a great idea. Thanks for sharing that Karen. BTW I love how your blog looks and especially like the red borders around your pics. Do you edit them in photoshop or something to get that look?

Karen Rogers said...

Thanks Heather sorry it's just this blog layout that does the border - check out LeeLou blogs as she has some cool new ones available

Heather Stewart said...

Wow. That's great. Will have a look.