2 November 2016

Copics 201: Colouring Hair & Skin

Wow it's hard to believe time flies so fast, hope I can recall the learning process for colouring skin & hair for me. I'm actually really happy with colouring skin  but need to work on hair heaps as when you colour hair you do lines to get the hair strands.

Again it was like where do you start, there's heaps of colour combos out there so in the beginning I copied down combos I liked & tried the ones I had the markers for using an image I found on Pinterest. I've annotated them with who's colour combo it was. I've stored the combos in a wee notebook & have fair, medium & dark skin combos for a quick reference. Same for hair too.

At this time I also discovered digital stamps, now that's quite a scary thing as there's so many awesome images out there & they range from being FREE (yes free) to only a few $ per download & they take up no room in your craft room & when you print them out they are perfectly stamped! The wee girl below is called Jillian was a freebie but I bought a few as well from her designer as well Sylvia Zet, fromWee Stamps.

There's so many great resources on Pinterest & I find Elaine Hughes AKA Marker Geek a great source of colours that work really well. I've tried the 3 I have "marked" below.

About this time I did my first online card class with Kristina Werner, Jennifer McGuire & friends on Copic Markers - it was phenomenal value at $35USD & as well as colouring heaps of images from balloons, presents, birds, flowers, if I remember rightly it was a 14 days of lessons. One of the lessons was also on colouring hair & skin.

One of the other persons I noticed on Pinterest with great pinned tutorials was Mindy AKA My Creative Scoop. She offers from her website a free 3 day introduction to Copics & free digis if you sign up & again I found it really useful. Below is my Big Haired Bridget from Mindy's 3 day course which still makes me laugh as I never coloured behind her glasses!!

I've now taking Mindy's paid course & I'm really happy how my face colouring (fair, medium & dark) is progressing but still feel my hair colouring needs a lot more work from me. I have a lot more lessons to go i.e. need to colour in dresses, backgrounds, sky etc so watch this space.....

One of the cool things Mindy shares in her class is you only need a few colours, it's how you use them. The 3 skins all have the same markers used as has the fair & medium hair.

Mindy also has a Facebook group which is very inspirational The Copic Scoop. The other Facebook group which I find really inspiring is Kit & Clowder & they have lots of parties & lots of free digital stamps. When I have finished my classes with Mindy I will enrol myself in one or 2 of their classes & then hopefully we'll have a Copics 301 blog post.

✿ Karen ✿

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