8 November 2016

Day 7: The Daily Marker 30 day Colouring Challenge

Today is a WIP (work in progress) as my piece of watercolour paper is drying now. I have a feeling day 8 will be repeating day 7 & not overworking it!

I loved Ellen Hudson's Mondo Hydrangea stamp and out of all my stamps it's probably the stamp I have used the most so I was really excited when I saw the latest release had a Mondo Peony but when it arrived I went OMG that is so huge & put it away.

I thought when I bought it,  it would also be great for watercolouring so decided the colour challenge was a great time to break some ink on it. I even used a discarded scrap of watercolour card stock that I hadn't liked what I had tried to do on the other side that was how much I disliked the stamp in real life.

HOW WRONG WAS I! I actually think it's actually a really nice size now & perfect for watercolouring if one doesn't overwork it!!!!!!!

Another purchase that was sitting in my drawer were some Color Crush powders I had bought at SENZ in July which make some nice washes when you mix a few granules with water.

I inked up the image with Versafine black ink  & then stamped it 2-3x with my large MIST (stamping on watercolour paper you really need a MISTI as the roughness of the paper seems to repel ink in my mind). Then clear embossed it.

I made some washes with Pomegranate, Pineapple and Wheat Grass Color Crush powders (tinby designs). I always do a very light wash of water first on my stamped image using a no. 1 flat brush. Then I use my no. 2 round brush to colour up. I like no. 2 the best, as being a finer tip it gives me better control, so even though it's a small tip watercolouring is quick & easy.

So far so good, & was thinking I was wrong I actually really like this stamp. I then thought lets do some splatters with left over wash which didn't go well & silly me hadn't done a light colour wash.

At this stage decided to go visit a friend whilst it all dried. Came home & grabbed my Blue Heaven Color Crush powder for a wash & to hide ugly splatters.

So feeling really happy with how it was coming together - this is where I should have stopped by the way, but as I only had a limited number of Color Crush powders; think I bought one of each shade, I thought I would add some depth with my Zig Real Color brushes.

The Violet Zig was much too dark & trying to lift some of the colour off with water & a paper towel it's all got a bit messy (sob).

Check back tomorrow to see whether I had to restart or whether I saved it "from me".

✿ Karen ✿

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