19 March 2010

RAK from Delys

Ohh gosh did I feel very honoured to receive a shiny whisper white stamped envelope in the post with Delys Cram's details on the back - even better it had this stunning card in it which I adore which she has showcased off the Circle Scissors beautifully plus used my favourite Summer Mini stamp set For Everything - it's so Delys as it has beautiful red sponging too which I think is a real favourite for her - I'm very lucky to have meet such kind people being a demo - RAKs from other demos & team mates in the most cases are very good for my waistline - they're normally calorie free & I burn some off doing the HAPPY DANCE - so thanks Delys a lovely surprise.

Remember only 12 days left to order this set which in my mind is phenomenal value at $56.95 for 11 stamps - the flourish is stunning in my opinion.

Once again many thanks Delys, a very lovely surprise in my letter box a few weeks ago & definitely worth sharing!


Judy said...

You are lucky - it is a beautiful card. Colours show it off nicely.

delysc said...

You're welcome Karen!! Glad you did a little jig for it lol

Paula said...

Wow, what a lovely card to turn up in your letterbox!! I had some unexpected mail today too - I love being part of this wonderful family called SU!