26 December 2010

Christmas 2010 :)

Baby deer
Is over for another year - why does it go so fast! Well I thought I'd take a few days of blogging when I started my holidays 2 weeks ago & 2 became 12 but I really needed it - shame the holiday is over & back to work in 2 days time. I thought I'd do a quick summary of some of the high & low lights of this year's event & will be back blogging about cards etc tomorrow.

The low lights the rain & it's accompanying humidity & tangled lights - I will put them away tidier this year. Gave up in the end & got the wire cutters out!
What a tangled mess!
Let it rain & rain non-stop

My boys have hated the heat but did enjoy playing helping put up the lights!
Napoleon AKA Napster in the sun
I'm sure she can't see me here!
Rear guard attack by Tiger
I had to laugh at this - sitting at my computer desk & I look across the road & there's Santa in suburbia visiting my neighbours. 

Finally all presents wrapped & I manage to get out of Auckland for Christmas morning in Hamilton with Pete & his family and the most presents I've ever seen under a tree for 2 very spoilt wee boys.
Pete & me under the tree when there is room for us!

Who is the biggest Thomas fan Keegan @20 or his cousin Logan @3!

Pete's children; Keegan & Cassie with their nana.

Xmas lunch :)) The table was decorated by Keegan beautifully - go army boy - nice to see you've got a sensitive side (though I think Aunty C was directing from the sideline)..

Then back to Auckland for the Rogers celebrations/dessert. My lovely nieces & nephews - gosh they're no longer babies anymore.
Amber, Mikaela, Max, Amos
Mikaela & Max strike a pose :)

The end of the day:)
So I hope everyone's day was as FABULOUS as mine. Catch you soon with card making - though I am so over cards still, have I made a heap in the last few weeks.


Judy said...

So glad you and Pete had such a lovely Christmas. Great photos.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! And ... yes ... all good things do come to an end! Hugs xxaxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us, Karen. May your 2011 be richly blessed!

Janet said...

sounds like you had a great xmas!! :) so strange to see heat and no snow ;)