31 March 2008

Birthday Part 3

Saturday: finished painting my letter box (& it looks gorgeous) - this may take the record for longest letter box to paint - 2 months approximately.

The yucca outside my house in flower - magnificent!

BBQ for a select few, lucky me scored a lovely bottle of French champagne from Pete, very yummy & so creamy, so all around - what more could one ask for, good food, wine & friends.

Here's my lovely birthday card from Donna & so inspirational as it's so lovely - I gave Donna this stamp set as thought never could see me colouring it all in (maybe a wrong decision in hindsight). She's done it in OUR favourite colours (purple - Donna's & green - mine).

Stamp set: Blooming With Happiness (hostess set) & hand-drawn K
Card stock: Vintage Violet
Other: Soft subtle markers & green Kindy Glitz

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Judy said...

Happy Birthday Karen and thanks so much to you and Pete for the yummy barbeque. xxx