24 November 2009

Small gifts for Christmas

I made this really cute post-it note holder at my upline Jacque's class going on 2 years ago & it's one of those projects I always was going to do at my own home classes - well finally we did it last night - it was supposed to be quick & easy (& it is but a few at the naughty table - that's where my lovely downline get to sit didn't finish as they talked to much! so no piccies of their creations).

But will share with you those that did get finished, starting with the original:

Mary & Sue's:

Sue & Nyra's :


Mine & Judy's:

They're easy to prep too;

Base card stock: 8-¼” x 3” (i.e. cut A4 card stock horizontally at 3”)
Score at 2-7/8”, 3-3/8”. 6-3/8” and 6-7/8”

2nd colour card stock 2-5/8” square
Whisper White – 2-1/2” square


Sally W said...

They did all turn out really lovely Karen, we're not really naughty we just enjoy ourselves and I finished mine lol.

Debbie Lamb said...

These are very cute and a great little stocking filler! It's a shame I wasn't able to make it along.

Anonymous said...

Love the colour you have used Karen

And i think i like yours the best , but its awesome how you can see the same product used but very different finished products

Michelle Cave

Judy said...

Gee Anonymous - you didn't give mine the thumbs up lol Yes they are cute and thanks Karen, you give us so many ideas that I go into overload and don't find the time to make them all as I intend.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha - as I was one of the ones at the naughty table and ohh dear I still haven't finished mine. I've been busy making Christmas gifts, but I did enjoy the class very much.