24 July 2009

Bella's fantasy box revealed

This is also known as a stepper box & it was one of those projects that I bookmarked nearly 2 years to go & never did make one. So when I had to come up with ideas for classes for SENZ this was top of my wish list for a project with a bit of wow.

I think everyone that did the class would agree it is WOW. It was really nice as they were obviously showing people at the show their boxes after the class & then they came down to say how cool - which as you can imagine is very pleasing. It's really simple & I followed this amazingly great tutorial of Terri Digness

My only advice is we/I used textured card stock as it's much easier to fold the small origami boxes or "steps". As well as using sticky strip to hold the boxes to the walls - use it to hold down the last folds of the box too; works best adding to the side of the walls - thanks Bernie from Whangarei (I think) who came up with this tip at the class.

The pretties flower was hand dyed by putting your hand inside a plastic bag & then rubbing the bag on the ink pad. Turn the bag inside out & spray a few times with a water mist bottle, throw in the pretties flower & scrunch it all up until the colour is even.

I think that's the last post from me regarding SENZ projects though I have a few kits left over for this, so think you'll see a few different colour combos appearing.

Well it's just on a week to the launch of the Spring Mini catalogue so don't forget I have an open home Friday August 7th 7pm onwards - you'll get to play with the new stamps, pick up a mini, and have supper on me, plus an opportunity to win stuff & it's all FREE. So RSVP your spot today as my house isn't that big so numbers are limited!


Maria Matter said...

OMGosh, Karen, that is just toooo awesome! It turned out beautiful!!!

I'll be bookmarking it and if I make it within the next two years I'll let you know! lol

Just fabulous!
Thanks for sharing!
Blessings, Maria

Diane said...

what a beautiful gift Karen it is very special

Tracee, Peter, Hayden, Campbell and Bridie said...

That's funny Karen - this project has been on my to do list for about the same length of time! Your version is especially pretty - maybe it will be the kick in the pants I need... we shall see!

Diane Barnes said...

Wow, you are just full of fantastic projects. This is totally gorgeous...& very clever. Have starred it in the hope I get to make one too. Loved the never ending card too. It's starred as well! Hope you have a great weekend. Inky wishes, Di

Stamping Seasons said...

Very cool, yes its one of my to do list items that I havent got around to either!! After seeing yours.... maybe I should!!

Deby said...

Wow! I definitely need to try this one!!! What a great idea! And you did it perfectly!

Anonymous said...

An amazing project, Karen! I should give it a go. :)
Hugs, Vanja

Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful! Thanks for the instructions.

Anne said...

OMG this is amazing! Thanks for the tutorial link