25 July 2009

Stipple Shapes

My SBS sister Stephanie is starting up a Yahoo Forum group click HERE to join: Stipple Shapes

From Stephanie: I have a lot of things in store for all the members once I have enough signed up! Monday Mailer's RAKS, COTM, SWAPS things like that! I promise it will be a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people and learn new techniques! I would like to explain one of the programs I want to promote which is a "Monday Mailer" program with enough people I will partner up 2 people and for the entire month you would send a card to the person you are partnered up with. There will be theme's, say for instance August the theme will be "Summer" so any cards that remind you of Summer! You have to send "4" cards to your partner for that month and they are due by each Monday of each week well at least mailed by that Monday. I hope that sort of helps a little bit as to what I am wanting to create. RAKS are Random Acts of Kindness, COTM are Card of the Month and of course Swaps.

I've signed up so come & join us.

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Louise Forsyth said...

Sounds great Karen, I am off to sign up.