28 July 2009

I could learn to love Tangerine Tango??

Well I must admit this is not my favourite in-colour but much prefer it to Only Orange (which kinda screams at my sensibilities) so when my attempts to remember how a never-ending card works weren't working and more and more of my 12x12" Pacific Point card stock was going into the bin. I thought stop wasting it & use that yucky colour to practice with. What a laugh next one in TT worked perfectly & I do love the card I created with it & Haiku DSP & Eastern Blooms stamp set - so good I had to share it with you.

This is the first opening:
This is the 2nd opening (lift the large panels to flip them):
This is the 3rd opening & the back of the card (lift the middle panels apart):


Melinda said...

Thanks so much for the tangerine tango inspiration - I have been racking my poor brain for a way to use it! I have a great big roll of ribbon sitting there waiting for use!

Debbie Airey said...

That looks great Karen. Always good to try something.

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful, Karen!
Hugs, Vanja

Judy said...

Like you these are colours I wouldn't normally use but must admit that in this instance they look gorgeous. Think I will have to re-think my colour preferences.

Anne said...

Oh, these colours look fabulous! Really like the warm citruses and your card is great :)